12 Angry Jurors

Joshua Barton and Savannah Runyon

The drama-filled play was set in the jurors’ room of a Chicago court. The jurors were there for a case about a boy with a criminal record who may or may not have killed his father in their sad little apartment in the slums. Most of the jurors undoubtedly called him guilty because clearly anyone from slums is a good-for-nothing waste-of-space that, of course, wants nothing but trouble. Chaos broke loose when one man, played by Doug Anderson, could not find it in himself to send this boy to death without a fair debate.

A hardheaded woman on the jury, played by Emily Brewer, was bound and determined that the boy was guilty and was angry that anyone would disagree. The play consisted of the heated arguments and debates between the jurors and the shady actions and comments among them. The cast list consisted of:

  • Judge( off stage voice): Willis King
  • Clerk (off stage voice): Bailey Coleman
  • Guard: Ty Moore
  • Foreman: Mike Winick
  • Juror 2: Maddie Weiss
  • Juror 3: Emily Brewer
  • Juror 4: Aaron Brown
  • Juror 5: Mikayla Watkins
  • Juror 6: Ashton Camden
  • Juror 7: Bethany Brown
  • Juror 8: Doug Anderson
  • Juror 9: Breanna Ward
  • Juror 10: Rylea Trammell
  • Juror 11: Courtney Kopp
  • Juror 12:  Danea Buckhanan

12 Angry Jurors was performed November 10th and 11th, arranged by Mr. Weiss, Cast, and Crew.