Science Saturday!: A Day Full of Fun and Learning

Brittany Owens, Staff Writer

Recently, Central Elementary and West Elementary kids met the high school science club, the “Science Alliance,” and any other interested science students for what was known as Science Saturday. This took place from 9a.m. to 12p.m. on Saturday, October 11th.  Science Saturday was a day full of fun and learning for elementary students first through fifth grade. Science Saturday was all about getting younger kids to learn more about science in fun and interesting ways. This was accomplished through demonstrations and a variety of activities. There were numerous stations set up that had different science learning activities at each. These fun learning stations include:

  • Microscopes: learning about cheek cells, looking at different bugs, and learning about Euglena
  • Creating lava lamps out of household materials (oil not soluble in water)
  • Coloring cool pictures
  • Learning about different types of animals skulls and furs
  • Experiment making huge bubbles out of straws and soap-water
  • Ghost eyeballs
  • DNA extraction experiment
  • Balloon race
  • Driving a toy car through an obstacle course
  • Ball and broom experiment
  • Rock density experiment
  • Learning about and creating the life cycle
  • Looking at different types of animals in rubber forms
  • Learning about animals through a puppet show
  • Making slime experiment
  • Making a catapult
  • Chemical heat reaction experiment
  • Learning about different bird’s beaks through food pickup
  • Making flying objects from straw and paper
  • Making animals out of paper
  • Testing for mystery liquids experiment
  • Alka seltzer rockets
  • Jelly bean activity
  • Ooblek
  • Learning about different shells
  • Elephant toothpaste demonstration

Science Saturday had a good turnout and the excitement on the kids’ faces as they went through the stations was a sight to see. Parents and students both loved to see what science Saturday had to offer.

Mr. Logan, the head of the extravaganza, said, “It was amazing to see the little scientists of our district having fun while ‘doing science’. I want to thank the district and community members for their role in making our Science Day a huge success.”

The Science Club members also enjoyed the experience. One of the presidents of the science club, Emilee Gray, said, “My favorite part of Science Saturday was seeing kids that actually had an interest and loved science.”

Emily Hayes said, “I loved seeing the joy on each kid’s face as they watched what I was showing them. It made it worth the time.”

Bethany Brown said, “It was a really enjoyable event. All the kids loved it and it was great to see so many young kids wanting to be involved in science.”

Chandler Yates said, “My favorite part of Science Saturday was seeing all the kids get excited over everything. I loved how fascinated they were about the little things, like making slime and learning about the food chain.” Overall, Science Saturday was an enjoyable day for everyone involved. I strongly encourage anyone to take part in the Science Club’s activities.