App of the Week: Trivia Crack

Joshua Barton, Staff Writer

The Game Trivia Crack is the most addictive trivia game of this age and it’s a great way to feed your competitive spirit while staying connected with friends and family. The game connects you with others by having you send requests to play through Facebook or e-mail. Once the game is accepted then you spin the wheel and answer a question. When you answer three questions correctly, you get to answer a crown question, where you win a character if you answer correctly. The game has 25 rounds and and the winner is the person with the most characters.

I personally love this game. It is definitely addictive, and I guess that’s why the name is Trivia “Crack.” I love playing with family I haven’t seen in a while and staying connected in a competitive atmosphere. Plus, it is always fun having people text you saying, “PLAY ME BACK ON TRIVIA CRACK!!!” I give the game 4/5, because though fun, others can make it kind of a difficult to keep up with.