Senior Wills – Class of 2015

Emily Hayes, Staff Writer

I, Dakota Akers, leave my parking spot in the front lot to Thomas Donaldson or Dustin Hall, which ever one of them gets to it first. I also leave them my great driving skills, the ability to talk my way out of just about anything and everything, and a little bit of knowledge because they both could use it.

I, Sydney Huff, leave my sight-reading skills and love of music to Josh Barton and Michael Tucker. I leave my pit section in Marching Band to Travis Stam. I leave my alto section in choir to Bailey Fenwick. I leave my insane obsession of all mythology to Jacob Metcalf and Sean Mahoney.

I, Jarod Cook, leave Conner Proffer and Nick Ludwig each 15 pounds of my weight. To Nick Haney, I leave my ability to catch a football so that the team will have a winning record. 

I, Ryne Scherffius, leave my number 4 baseball jersey to the one and only Cole Murphy. I also would like to leave my hairline to Mr. Bradley, in which he could share with Mr. Coleman. Last but not least, I would like to leave my heart and soul to the entire Central High School…. May I also note that I’d like to take either Coach Calvird or Nick Haney’s  beautiful beard with me to college so people will love me.

I, Lauren Lewis, leave my love of monograms to Christian Wallen. I leave my parking lot space and my morning breakfast spot to my brother Logan Lewis. I also leave my anxiety and panic attacks to Kerston Furry (even though she doesn’t need any more). I seem to have left my motivation for school to some students last year, but when I find it again I will lend it to the students of CHS.

I, Ali Crocker, leave my friendship to Destanee Walters, Cyrena Dowd, Tiffany Moore, and Nick Little, since all my friends are juniors.

I, Douglas Anderson, leave my class and sass to the dear beloved Joshua Barton. I leave my sense of sarcasm to my sister, (who does not need any more of it) Emily Walther. I leave my slight obsessions of semi-famous people to Danae Buckhanan (especially SM). Last but not least, I leave my Fuddiness to Mrs. Fletcher and the coming yearbook staff.

I, Makenzie Wiles, will the Presidency of FTA to Sam Buxton. To Kylee Curtis & Emily Adams my ability to make phone cases. To Liv Hulsey I leave you my favorite flag from three years of Rebel Rouser. To Tamra Uding I leave you our third hour hot chocolates and many laughs. To Austin Dolan and Brandy Downs, I leave you the prom tickets and invitations (GOOD LUCK). To all of the other guard girls I leave to you a good, drama-free, stress-free year.  Finally, Mrs. Fletcher… I leave you with all of the stress of prom, phone cases, and a class who doesn’t always care.

I, Garrett Sellars, leave all of my crazy band moments and high energy to Olivia Simpson to keep band fun and keep everyone on their toes. I also leave my mad playing skills to Jake Hill. Don’t let me down, Bud!

I, Brittany Owens, leave my random humor to everyone at CHS. We all need that person who laughs at everything, including themselves, and brings other people into their laughter. I leave my determination and drive to my younger brother, Henri Owens. May he use it to the best of his ability and strive to accomplish his goals. Lastly, I leave my uniqueness to all those CHS students who refuse to conform to the “status quo,” for those who continue to be themselves regardless of the crowd.

I, Paige Kobermann, leave Nina Russell everything. 🙂

I, Tyler Joseph, leave my amazing trombone skills to Trinity Brockes and Zach Deleal. I leave my brilliant good looks to Chance Inman. I leave my great sense of humor and funny faces to Michael Tucker, and finally I leave my count off for Rebel Rouser to Rylea Trammell.

I, Kaitlyn Weible, leave my epic French horn and section leader skills to Chloe Green. I leave my marching skills to my favorite freshman, Aubrie Hart. I leave my trumpet solo in Soul Finger and all of my fun memories in band to Brandon Norfolk. I leave my mini road trips to Stephanie Maciak. To the Central Rebel Band as a whole, I leave my heart. I leave my sense of humor, my intelligence, my wisdom, my best pick up lines, my insanity, my SEGA racing skills, my tolerance of Mrs. Pallo’s antics, my expert winking ability, my ability to get kicked out of Walmart, my little cousin Payton (just kidding, I love her too much), my band family, my high school memories, and most importantly my friendship to my amazing best friend, Olivia Simpson. We’ll forever be like Brad and Doug in 21 and 22 Jump Street.

I, Frederick Bond, leave the space I usually park in to Jacob McFarland, AKA Ricor Sanchez, since it’s right next to his parking space anyway. I leave my intelligence and driving skills to Jon Watkins, AKA Jonathon David Marvolo McJonnington Makala Watkins the Millionth, so that he can get through high school with no worries. I furthermore leave my memories of school and church to Austin Usher and Nick LaBrot, as well as the aforementioned, because those were some of the best memories ever, namely, the time I met Jon Watkins. I moreover leave my lunch spot to Olivia Simpson, the SOS Club to Travis Stam, my CKSF team to Jon Lambert, and my friendship to all the aforementioned, including Brandon Norfolk, Sean Mahoney, Jacob Metcalf, Heather Dickinson, and Brittany Dush. As for the rest of CHS, enjoy high school while it lasts, because no matter how much you want it to, it will not last forever.

I, Kaytlyn Brockes, leave my band legacy to Legacy Huff. I leave my love for band and my marching shoes to my sister, Trinity Brockes. Hey Band! I leave my memories of 2015 Senior Class and the love I feel for the band family.

I, Chelsie Grindstaff, leave Chloe Green my French Horn skills to improve her own, although she will be the only French Horn player next year. I leave Brandon Norfolk my marching skills, to encourage him to be the best. I leave the whole Central Rebel Marching Band and Symphonic band, the memories of the class of 2015. I love you guys! Have the best high school career possible! (:

I, Hunter Strange, would first like to leave my Cops & Robbers skills to Drew Harlow because he’s an embarrassment to Call of Duty. I give my height to Gage Hulsey so that he can ride roller coasters. I also give my grammatical knowledge, basketball abilities, devastatingly good looks, sense of humor, shoes, and my inner-ability to resist taking selfies to Drew Harlow because he needs all of the help he can get.

I, Savannah Runyon, leave my seat in the library to Matthew Bates so he will always have a comfortable place to read, study and nap (when he’s finished with all of his work, of course). I leave my locker to Austin Dolan so he’ll always have a rad space for his educational supplies and leave my language skills to Joshua Barton so he won’t be stuck on 80% on IXL in his Junior year.

I, Samuel Young, leave my position as Varsity Captain of the Scholar Bowl to Jacob Metcalf, may he do with it as he pleases. To my good friend, Brett Wampler, I leave the memory of the 117 coincidences, which finally culminated with my locker number. To Jacob Babor, I leave but one thing. To him, I leave my love of the Halo games, as he is learning the joys. And lastly, to Dale Huffman, I leave the Super Stand, may he use it well at whatever he may play in the future.