The Marching Rebels Busy Season


Starting with band camp, the Marching Rebels season gets busy quickly. Meeting every day for two weeks during the summer, the students learn everything from the  fundamentals of marching to memorizing the music of Queen. The songs they learned included The Opener (with parts of Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, and Another One Bites the Dust) and the full songs of Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Bohemian Rhapsody. In Crazy Little Thing Called Love there is a small ensemble section that includes Michael Tucker, Brandon Norfolk, Chance Inman, Chloe Green, Courtney Kopp, and Trinity Brockes.

Once school starts, the marching band gets started every morning at 7 am for an hour and a half practice. They work on fundamentals first and then work on music and drill. As the season progresses the band sets drill until they have completed the whole marching band show. Once they have all of the drill set, they work on visuals for the show.

Legacy Huff teaches the band the visuals they need to know. The visuals are almost like dance moves except you have to move and play your instrument at the same time. Then there are the Thursday night practices which is where the band works on all the same stuff they do in the mornings to do last minute preparations for football games and marching competitions.

The Marching Rebels perform at every Friday night home football game. The songs they play are Dixie, The National Anthem, and Rebel Rouser. Every time the football team scores the band plays Rebel Rouser or Dixie depending how often the team scores. They also do cheers which are mainly lead by Dylan Burlingame and others who like to get loud. At half time, the band performs the show they have been working on since band camp in the summer. The band has a tradition where they pray and then do a shout cheer. This cheer is called “Too Much Booty In the Pants.” This is where they all huddle up and put their hand in the middle and say “Too much booty in the pants! Ah!” 3 times and each time they get louder and louder.

During marching band season, there is a marching band competition almost every Saturday. The day of a marching band competition consists of getting up early to practice before they depart from the high school to wherever their destination is. The band has to pack up their uniforms and instruments on the band trailer so they can use them at the competition. They will warm up, line up, then perform their show for the audience and the judges. Next the band waits all day to find out the rewards from their show. At some competitions you get a chance to play again if you score high enough to make finals.

Here are some of the accomplishments of the Central Marching Rebels this year: On September 19 the Central Marching Rebels placed 1st at the Farmington Invitational. They outscored 5 other bands in their class and won Outstanding Visual Effect and Outstanding Color Guard. On September 26 they placed 2nd at Sullivan. On October 10 the Marching Rebels received 2nd place and won Outstanding Visual effect at the Potosi Invitational.