Rebel Theatre Troupe Prepares for Fall Play


Nate Riddick, Reporter

The play, The Creatures Creep is a spoof of many different horror stories from the 50’s. There are references and characters from classic horror stories and films incorporated into the production. This play is about a man with a secret operation and all the while he has many surprises. The man and his assistant try to keep their operation private and their plan comes very close to being foiled, but they use their cunning minds and methods of manipulation to stay hidden from the rest of his guests.

The director of the play, Mr. Weiss, said, “I feel very confident about the production this year. I was very fortunate to have such a wonderful and adventurous group to choose from, which is exactly what this play will be demanding. I chose the play because the play last year was a very heavy and serious play. So this year I decided to give the students a chance to act on the other end of the spectrum. Also, I enjoy a big set and that is exactly what this play will be needing.”

The main male role of The Creatures Creep, Donald, is being played by freshman, Michael Cantrell. Michael said, “I am very excited to play this role and I’m also very happy to have it, since it is the second time I’ve had a main role. I also feel I will portray this character very well for the audience.”

Donald’s daughter, Daisy, is being played by freshman, Greta Balasz. Greta said, “I love Daisy’s part because she is fun and bubbly, and the fact that even though she is supposed to be ditzy and not very intelligent, she also has the occasional burst of intellectual skill. I think that this role will challenge me in so many ways, but one especially is how dissimilar I am to Daisy. She has a train of thought that runs at 360 miles per hour and it never stops. She is always getting sidetracked, and I think that adds to the humor of the play.”

Mord, Donald’s assistant, is being played by junior Ty Moore. Ty feels as if “Mord is a character he will enjoy and present well to the audience.” Also he feels it will challenge him as an actor because, “I have to go from a 6’2″ teenager to a 4’2″ middle-aged hunchback.” But he says he is excited and ready for the challenge.

Babsy, Daisy’s friend from college, is being played by senior Emily Brewer. She said, “Babsy is a very fun character and will be a real challenge for me as an actor.” The reason it will be challenging is “because I have never been cast as a fun-loving character before. I’ve always played very strong or controlling parts, so this will be a very challenging role for me.”

Frank, Daisy’s fiance, is being played by junior Matt Bates. Matt said, “I feel like my role is quite important, as well as every other actor’s role. But, my role in particular seems very hilarious to play, and I think it’s going to be a very interesting character to portray. I also think I’m really going to enjoy being a part of this year’s fall play, it’s very exciting to have the privilege of being involved in something so fun. I do think it will be somewhat challenging though, due to the fact I haven’t been in a play since the fourth grade. But I really feel like it’s going to be a very amazing experience.”

Come to the CHS Auditorium Thursday November 12 and Friday November 13 to watch the play yourself. The play will start at 7:00 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the gate and in advance from Rebel Theatre Troupe students.