Trip of a Lifetime


Not everyone in the world gets the opportunity of a lifetime to travel across the world into another country for nine days. Every two years Mr. Noble takes a group of kids willing to pay the right price to travel to Europe to visit different countries.

The 2015 trip started on June 1st and several students, including myself, had the chance to go to Italy, Germany and Austria. We were packed in a airplane for almost 11 hours, finally landing in Spain. There we got onto another plane to Rome, Italy. Once we hit our destination, there was no stopping us when it came to sight seeing, every hour of every day.

The students, Mr. Noble, and I had a tour guide through the whole trip into all three countries. His name was Oshri and he was one of the many highlights of the trip. In Italy we visited some very important and busy cities that all the tourist like to visit:  Rome, Florence, Venice and Verona. On our journey in Italy we visited the Colosseum, Statue of David, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Vatican City and wandered inside the Sistine Chapel. Of course, we found the best little pizza and gelato places around town.

Just walking on the sidewalks and being able to feel or see the Colosseum, Pantheon or just an old building you could just feel the history and the work that was put into it thousands of years ago. It was an amazing experience.

The next stop of our journey was in Austria. The view was honestly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, and it was right from our lodge hotel balcony. Not much had happened in Austria because it was a resting stop for us on our way to Germany.

Strolling through Munich we visited Hofbrauhaus and experienced great German food and entertainment. Visiting Germany was an amazing experience with many emotions visiting Dachau, the first concentration camp to open during WWII that lasted all 12 years. One night on the hotel patio Mr. Noble and some students talked and shared some laughs with a few foreign exchange students that had attended our school.

On one of the last nights in Europe all the students had gone to dinner and afterwards we finished off our night with hours of bavarian dance lessons with two very talented dancers and a musician. Europe was a great experience with amazing people, culture, places and experiences.