Tamra’s Trip


Matt Bates

Christmas break is a time where family and friends get to spend the last days of the year with one another, look back on the past months they spent, and look forward to the new year ahead of them. During the past Christmas break, our own secretary, Tamra Uding decided to take that available time into her own hands.

Tamra’s husband, Paul, is a truck driver for the trucking company Nussbaum Transportation. Paul travels across the country, delivering various items in his truck to different places around the United States. Tamra had always wondered what encompassed the daily life of a truck driver, so she decided to ask her husband to tag alongside him on one of his trips.

On December 27th, Tamra and her husband set off to deliver tires across the country. With a 3,000 mile long trip ahead of them, Tamra was ready for an exciting and enlightening experience. However, she already became car sick as soon as they made it to Farmington. Tamra quickly recovered and was ready to enjoy her experience once again.

The trip spanned out across almost the entire western half of the US, including passing through Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and ending in California. The trip also included multiple stops at different truck stops, including the largest truck stop known as the Iowa 80. Tamra’s favorite part of the trip was whenever they drove past the Rocky Mountains. It was the first time she had seen the mountains, so this landmark was very interesting to see.

After driving and stopping periodically for six days, Tamra was ready to go home. She had flown home from the California making it the last place she visited before it was over. She explained that she loved the trip, and felt very immersed in the world that her husband’s daily work life revolves around. She also said that she would love to go again, and that she plans to take another trip with him during the summer. Tamra had discovered that her husband works a lot harder than she gives him credit for, and that she could not imagine to have that as her full time job. All in all the trip was fun for Tamra, and it can definitely be called a success.