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Matt Bates

In 2005, today’s most popular video-sharing website in the world was created. The now multinational, billion-dollar corporation, YouTube, caters to million of users who share millions of videos daily and broadcast their ideas, hobbies, and daily life on the website for everyone to see. These people who create and post videos on YouTube are called YouTubers. YouTubers make videos for their own personal spot on the website known as their channel. While posting the videos, they tend to gain views, some reaching to around 20, others reaching to 20 million or even over 1 billion views. While gaining views, their channels tend to grow as well, meaning that the people watching the videos subscribe to the YouTuber’s channel. There is no specific “goal” for YouTubers, it is mainly used as an outlet or a hobby for people who enjoy it.

All of this is common knowledge to the average web-browsing individual, but what might not be known by most is that there are YouTubers closer than expected. Three people with YouTube channels in particular that are making their way up the virtual ladder include Dallas Coleman, Olivia Hulsey, and Amber Francis, all students at Central High School. Each of them has their own channel style, content, and interesting factors within their channel that make it intriguing. Each of their channels is different in its own way, so let’s go more in depth for all three individually.

Dallas Coleman’s channel is known as a Vlog/Clothing Haul channel. These channels usually involve making vlogs about daily life and displaying different clothes and items that they buy. Currently, Dallas’ channel has eight videos which hold 2,060 views in total. His channel also currently has 71 subscribers to date. Dallas has this to say about his channel and what he hopes to accomplish, “I created my channel because it’s something I like to do and you have to pursue your dreams and do your own thing no matter what people say. I hope to have a future with it and see where it goes. It’s a lifestyle and a passion.”

Amber Francis’ channel is what’s known as a Lifestyle/Fashion/Vlog channel. These channels mainly deal with DIY projects, clothing, personal life, and random ideas and activities to try. Amber’s channel currently has 51 videos with a total of 6,480 views. Her channel also currently has 81 subscribers. Amber says that “It’s really a place where I can express my creativity and who I really am.”

She clearly loves working on her channel and she states, “I treat my channel just like anyone would a job.” She also plans to become a professional filmmaker, thanks to YouTube bringing out her love for creating videos. She says, “Creating videos/films is a passion I will always have.”

Olivia Hulsey, known as Liv Hulsey on YouTube, runs a channel that revolves around making vlogs and makeup tutorials. Her channel is filled with multiple videos dealing with different makeup techniques and styles for people to try for themselves and vlogs about her ideas, trips, and purchases. Liv currently has 28 videos with 4,775 views in total and 225 subscribers to her channel.

She has this to say about her YouTube career, “I started my channel when I was 16 because I have a passion for anything and everything makeup related. I wanted to teach girls/boys the power of makeup and what it can do to make them feel beautiful. Having a passion for videography is a big reason why I started YouTube too. I spend many late nights trying to create the best videos for my viewers. One day I would like to be somewhat high up in the makeup business doing something I’ve loved since I was 13 years old. It’s an honor to do YouTube and seeing my fellow classmates and subscribers support me and what I do along the way, that’s what makes it worth doing even more.”

All of these YouTubers are doing what they love, whether it’s vlogging about their days or showing off their styles and ideas, these people are having fun with their dynamic YouTube careers. The “goal” for YouTubers is to have fun with their channel, their videos, and with their audience. YouTube is such an amazing platform to use to fulfill one’s dreams and have a great time. Whether it’s success, fame, or a hobby that these three individuals are using this social media site for, it will be very interesting to see where these YouTubers are heading and what they will accomplish in the future.

Here are the links to each channel:

Dallas Coleman

Amber Francis

Olivia Hulsey –

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