Jonathin Lambert Commits to Webster University


Jake Barton

Jonathin Lambert is a senior at Central High School and has just recently signed for Track and Field at Webster University! I talked to Jonathin and asked him a few questions about how he felt to accomplish this. Jon said, “Honestly, seeing my efforts in both Athletics and Academics pay off in this fashion is a great relief. It’s made all of my training and hard work worth it in every single way I can think. My goals from here on forth, it to continue my education to the utmost extent within my capabilities. Athletically, I wish to improve both of my events respectively and hopefully build onto my athletic resume throughout my career in college.” I frequently look to the future of our sports programs and asked Jonathin to leave a message for future Central athletes to which he replied, “If there is any message to any future athletes that I have, it would to be keep up your grades most of all. Worry about your academic life before your athletic. Once you know you’re in safe waters with your grades, do your sport and train as hard as you can and don’t give up. “ Jonathin is a great student and athlete and we hope that he succeeds in his athletic future!