Class of 2018 Senior Wills: Issue I

Mikayla Watkins, Editor

A senior will is a list of things a graduating senior jokingly “leaves” to underclassmen. Here are some of the Class of 2018’s senior wills:


I, Abigail Alfaro, leave my new tuba and my section leader position to Luke Vanamburg. I leave my sarcasm to Mrs. Chapman, she can never have enough. My sass and attitude I leave to Hadlee Woods even though she has a lot already. I leave my love of music to Anna Antonic, please keep sending me your playlists. The memories of accidentally hanging up on people in the office, I leave to Angie Hagerty. I leave my will to live to next year’s seniors, hopefully what’s left will help them get through their last year. Good luck.

First off, I, Karissa Belfield, would like to say even though Ally Nelson is not an underclassman, I would still like to give her my trophies. She has been promised these for five years and now it is official. Second, I would like to give my procrastination skills to Baileigh George…..enjoy. As a senior, it is our duty to harass the freshmen as much as possible. I hereby give this entitlement to the freshman I have harassed the most, Jessica Hulsey. Paige Anderson can have my sweatpants collection and wear sweatpants every day to keep the tradition alive.

I, Blake Braswell, leave my memory and intelligence to Jose Pompa, hoping he will retain at least one thing I have taught him. I leave my marching skills to Oliver Robinson in the hope that he will march in step. Lastly, I leave my Lowe’s thingy–you’ll know what it is if you are in marching band–to Levi O’Dell, hoping he will never forget his spot markers again.

I, Kelton Dickinson, would like to leave my spot in the cafeteria to anyone who wants to keep my seat warm. I have sat in this seat all the way since my freshman year. Also, I give Kyle Lay the responsibility of keeping the group alive and always having fun. This is gonna be hard to leave because it’s like leaving a big family, but good luck to you all!

As I depart from this chapter of my life and embark on a new journey, I, Haley Francis, would like to leave a few things to the unfortunate underclassman that still have to do their time. First of all, I leave my love for the theatre to Stephanie DeClue. I have never seen someone blossom and improve like Stephanie has this year in drama. I wish her the best of luck in every new task she tackles. Secondly, I leave my strength and perseverance to Alex Babor. High school is tough and you’re going to feel like giving up sometimes, but just push through it. It will all be worth it in the end. Alex is incredibly strong on his own, but hopefully, with mine added on, it will be enough to make him rock his high school experience. Lastly, I want to leave my love for essay writing to all future English students of CHS. You all are really going to need that when/if you are in English Comp. If you ever need someone to edit your essays, I will be glad to help. Good luck to you all as you finish out your journey at CHS. Make the most of it, join extracurriculars, talk to people, and get as much as you can done before your senior year, so that your last year can contain the least amount of stress possible.

I, Nora Graves, leave my front row, corner parking spot to Brenton Wagner. Since we basically fought over the first three months of school and would try to beat each other to school every day. My #6 jersey to Libby Coleman, so she will finally get excited for a point. Lastly, my ‘amazing’ Spanish skills to Will Hopkins and Evan Sidebottom. They will need it after Emma and I leave.

I, Shelby Jones, leave to my younger brother Ryan the will to continue until graduation. High school is a weird and sometimes tough time, but just keep pushing forward. Good luck, bro. I want to leave something extra special for all the teachers who impacted me. I leave my slightly above average knowledge of robotics and my love for weird science puns to Mr. Logan. Good luck with the first one. To Mr. Barton, I leave my ability to argue with everything he says. I promise it was out of love (most of the time). I leave my eternal gratitude and love to Mrs. Huff. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived high school without her encouragement and support. Last but not least, I leave one slightly-aggressive pat on the shoulder to Mrs. Pallo, since she seems to love giving those to me.

I, Annika Kemp, leave my sister, Brailey Kemp, the table in the cellar where my friends and I made tons of memories. I leave my underclassmen friends the best teachers that anyone could ever ask for.

I, Molly Manion, leave all the motivation I don’t have to Maddie Manion. Hopefully she can deal with senioritis better than I did. I leave an extra eight count to all the Rebel Rousers because I know you’ll need it when Coach Huff tells you to make it to a kick line in four counts.

I, Holden Mayberry, leave the left-side of the offensive line to the great Tanner Friend. The last $10 in my lunch account to Trevor Bradley, Drew Hamski, Tyler Phares, Stetson McCoy, and Ryan Dempsey. Have a chicken patty on me, Gents. I leave JT Reece a single quarter and my bars of straight fire.

I, Ally Nelson, leave to my brother, two more years of being compared to me (nothing like being the disappointing second child). I also leave both of my ACLs to Baileigh George, stranger things have happened and you might need them in the next year.

I, Karissa Obenauer, leave my “1, 2, and go” to future cheerleaders, my bluntness to Bre Whaley, my bus ride concerts to Briley Johnson and Paige Anderson, and my facial expressions to Sara Francis and Amber Mitchell. To the entire cheer team, I leave my love and dedication for the sport.

I, Brooklyn Pace, leave my number 5 volleyball jersey and love for the game to Mariah Wagganer. I also leave my love for FCA and what it stands for with Lizi Marler… May I also note I would like to take both Coach Mills’ athletic bodies with me to college in hopes not to gain the Freshman 15.

I, Abby Simpson, leave my awesome parking spot to Paige Anderson so she doesn’t have to walk super far in the morning or the afternoon. I leave my stretching spot in practice to Emma McFarland so she will always have good spot talk to everyone. I leave my lunch spot to Riley Rayfield because she has made every lunch so much fun. I leave all my wisdom and love to the both Paige and Peyton Cash. I leave all my fond memories of the Rebel Rousers with my teammates and my wonderful coach, Mrs. Huff.

I, Jade Turner, leave my spot in Mrs. Bradley’s office to Peyton and Paige Cash because every day I went in there to get help on my future, and I want them to carry on the tradition Drive her crazy kiddos! Mrs. Petty, I’m leaving you with my knowledge of SVU. It really helps, I promise. It teaches you everything you need to know about government. I also plan to leave every student at CHS with the idea of Dr. Calkins. If you need a chemistry class for college credit, take Dr. Calkins. If you don’t need one, still take Dr. Calkins. He’s the one. I promise. He’ll even race ya at the stoplight. Thank me later, kids.

I, Mikayla Watkins, leave Yancy McCarron my Public Forum debate partner, Andrew Wyrick. Andrew and Yancy, you guys will kill it. Get those dubs for me. To Andrew, I leave our fun and stressful debate memories. I leave the spirit of speech team to Angel Nelson. Keep it alive for us, Angel. To Adreana Wilson and Stephanie DeClue, I leave my love for the theatre. Adreana, you’re the best assistant director a girl could have. Stephanie, I loved working with you and watching your acting skills blossom. Lastly, I leave all underclassmen my endless love and appreciation for all my teachers. They make the whole high school thing just a little bit easier.