Class of 2018 Senior Wills: Issue II

Mikayla Watkins, Editor

I, Skyler Amonette, leave my abilities to Kimmy Wallen, Callie Thurston, and Baileigh George to lead the basketball team, yet not take anything too serious and keep the contagious smiles on your faces and make every rep your best because it flies by. I will my sarcasm to Baileigh George and Hannah Stewart.

I, King Jake Paul Barton I, was going to leave my throne as King of the Social Studies department to a freshmen, but no one is worthy of that title. I would also leave my ego to that same person, but again, no one is worthy.

I, Jace Bland, give my studliness to my Weesnaw members. I give my ability to save money to Callie Thurston. Lastly, I give my ability to dunk to Will Hopkins because he needs a few inches to his vert.

I, Alicia Braun, leave my love for singing and all the crazy moments we had to the choir. I would also like to leave the intimidation the underclassmen have dealt with from me. Especially, Gavin Ward, he has received a lot of hate from me((: Furthermore, I would like to leave the daily visits to Mr. Redecker’s classroom even though Mr. Redecker is NEVER in there, and calls me snobby for not coming to visit. Lastly, I would like to leave the courage, the confidence, and the willingness that the class of 2018 has had through our four years of high school and will remain to have through college and the rest of our lives, to the class of 2019(((:

I, Cherith Laubinger, leave my attendance record to my brother, Tyce Laubinger…use it wisely. I also leave my motivation with the Junior class, that’s where I lost it, so hopefully you find it and keep it. Lastly, I leave my love with all the teachers and staff who have encouraged and supported me these last four years.

I, James Lay, leave my morning spot and the right to move anything or anyone that is in that spot to my friend Sebastian Craig. I want to give Kyle Lay and Sebastian the privilege of becoming the new pranksters of Central High School.

To the entirety of the underclassmen, I, Will King, leave my crippling depression. I also leave two pennies, a sock, and a successful socialist country. In other words, I’m leaving you basically nothing. I’m taking everything with me.

I, Kaleb Curtis, leave the one thing I value most in this school: you guessed it, my parking spot to my freshman cousin, Briley Johnson. If there was someone to have my sometimes questionable jokes in Mrs. Petty’s class, there is no one that can take that position.

I, Tristen Noack, leave my spot at the xbox 360, my levelheaded thoughtfulness, and my odd sense of fashion to Cody Clark and Samuel Heimes.

I, Kyra Love Philbert, leave my ability to be as blunt as possible to Breanna Whaley, my pre-game makeup sessions to Becca Voyles and Amber Mitchell, my strawberry Dr. Peppers from Sonic to Kate Eberhart, and my love for cheerleading to Mrs. Wehner and her son, Ayden… may he be the best stunting partner ever! : ) I would also like to leave my best memories to my brother, Austin Parker… I believe you should enjoy the rest of high school and live every moment like it’s your last.

I, Sean Reeves, leave my knowledge to Grant Goheen, my athleticism to Ezra Sidebottom, and my sense of humor to Briley Johnson.

I, Taylor Trolinger, leave my driving skills to Amber Mitchell, my unbroken tailbone to Sara Francis, my laughter with Kylie Kennard, my happiness to Breanna Whaley, my end of the day stories to Lydia Weiss, and my good advice to Briley Johnson.

I, Emma Wade, leave my ability to be on time to volleyball practice to Makenzie Fincher. I also leave my love for Vineyard Vines, Monograms, and getting Panera before every single football game to Callie Thurston.

I, Garrett Winkler, would like to leave everything to Justin Bridges.