Artists of Central High School

Kayla Calvert, Staff

Every student here at CHS has some type of talent. Many are athletically and academically gifted, but there are also those who are artistically gifted. The students that I am bringing to your attention today would be the art students, aka the artists of the school.

Now, art can be defined in many different ways. For example, Mr. Henson, the art teacher at CHS, defines art as, “an expressive outlet.” He says, “Art is very subjective…it doesn’t have to follow, to some extent, a set of rules, which means you can make it whatever you want, and everyone has an opportunity to be ‘good’ at it in some way.”

Art itself is a magical term, in a way. When thinking of art, many ideas come to mind, whether it be a painting, a drawing, or even a photo. Art is so many different things, all wrapped up into one masterpiece.

When it comes to art, and many other hobbies, people wonder how to get better? Well,  many would answer in a single word: practice. Many artists find this to be one of the most important pieces of advice they could give to a beginner artist.

Mr. Henson believes this as well. He states, “There are so many variables that play a role in a finished piece and the only way to master a medium is through repetition and practice. Take just one aspect of shading…hair. Hair is probably the most difficult thing to make look ‘real,’ and it takes most students 2-3 years to figure it out. This type of thing happens all the time with virtually every medium.”

Many other artists at our school, including me, would agree with this statement, and rightfully so. Although this is true, not everyone would agree with the popular phrase, “practice makes perfect.” One of these people is freshman Adreana Wilson who states, “There is no such thing as perfect art because everyone has different eyes. Practice makes you better but not perfect. Art is something that people see differently. It can touch people, or they can hate it.”

A piece of artwork will either touch a person’s soul, grab their interest, or they may actually hate it, but that’s no reason to stop creating in any way, shape, or form. In art, practice will help, and, like everything, you can always get better.

Many find something that inspires them to make a particular piece of artwork. For example, Alexis Katzenberg says this about the piece she sent in, “The person who inspired me to draw this was my grandpa. He passed away a little while back, and my family thinks he’s a dragonfly. This is because when he passed away, there was a dragonfly that landed on my grandma, and whenever she tried to shake it off, it just stayed put. A week after that happened, my grandma found a dragonfly in a shape of a heart. So now whenever we see one, we always say hi to it.” This clearly shows how much feeling and emotion can go into one piece of artwork.

Others may be inspired by other things like cartoons or anime. Some are even inspired by a fellow artist or a family member. So much emotion goes into one, single piece of artwork, but this isn’t true in all cases. Yes, many have these amazing, inspirational stories and themes behind them, but sometimes art is just for fun. Sometimes, art is meant to be beautiful, and nothing else. Either way, whether you create with inspiration or just to have fun, your art is valuable and beautiful.

Whatever inspires you to create a certain piece, you have to decide what type of art you’ll be creating. Another equally important form of art is writing. It can be expressive, have a great meaning, give you a late night scare, or just make you laugh. As an example of a form of writing, read the poem “Who Am I?” written by freshman Elliana (Ella) Hughes.


Who Am I?

There are times I question my worth.
Right here in this place.
And I wonder “Do I matter?”
These questions, they bombard my mind.
The answers are too hard to find.
Because there are times when my voice is so small and shaken.
But I remember my God has me overtaken.
My God has made me into someone worth loving.
He spent six days on the world but nine months on me.
I am worth more than any jewel He can have and He still desires me!
But then, why is it so hard to believe?
The enemy has chosen me as a target because he knows through this storm I shall prevail.
Even though it is dark and dreary now, a light will guide me through this valley.


Art is something larger than all of us. It is something that brings people together but also may pull people apart. It strongly affects us and our feelings and the art students of CHS display amazing talent. So, if you are a fellow artist, or you are just starting out, here’s some advice: work hard, practice, and put your heart in it, and always hold your head up high, because you are amazing.


Student Artwork

Yancy McCarron, Pencil drawing of Iron Man

Alexis Katzenberger, Painting of a dragonfly

Harlea Johnston, Pencil and marker picture of a skeleton

Trinity Gainer, Digital drawing of character

Adreana Wilson, Drawing of heart

Tiffany Spangenberg, Pencil drawing of lizard

Cassidy Bass, Pencil drawing of lightbulb

Amber Francis, Picture of skull