Central Students in Community Play

Mikayla Watkins, Editor

All My Sons is coming to Mineral Area College (MAC), and two of our own Central students made the cast list!

All My Sons is a 1947 play by award-winning playwright Arthur Miller. According to MAC’s Theatre Department website, All My Sons takes place a few years after World War II. During the war, Joe Keller and Steve Deever ran a machine shop that made airplane parts. After it was discovered that the firm turned out defective parts that caused the deaths of 21 pilots, Deever was sent to prison. However, Keller went free and became a successful businessman. The twin shadows of this catastrophe and the fact that Larry, one of Keller’s sons, was reported missing during the war dominate the action. The love affair between Chris Keller, Keller’s other son, and Ann Deever, an old neighbor and Larry’s former fiance, and the bitterness of George, Deever’s son, returning from the war to find his father in prison and his father’s partner free, are all set in a structure of almost unbearable power.

“I play Kate Keller, an older woman who loves her family very deeply and would do anything to keep them safe,” says junior Greta Balasz. “The script literally describes her as ‘…a woman of uncontrolled inspirations, and an overwhelming capacity for love.’ She’s also a mother figure to many of the characters in the show, regardless of any actual relation, and those types of bonds are always fun to explore.”

This isn’t Greta’s first time in a play. She has done two other plays—both at MAC—but this is her first major role.

“I love doing community theatre! It’s so exhilarating to be on that stage, whether you’re practicing blocking (your movements), working a scene, or actually performing, there’s always fun to be had,” she says. “All My Sons is a pretty emotion-heavy work, and I think that makes it so much more fun to do, even if it leaves me exhausted at the end of every practice.”

Junior Hannah Duncan plays Ann Deever. “She is Chris Keller’s love interest, Steve Deever’s daughter, a former neighbor of the Keller’s, and former fiance of Chris’s dead brother Larry,” says Duncan. “Ann is a very kind person but strong. She knows what she wants and has very strong morals.”

This is Hannah’s first straight play but her second time on stage. She was in the musical Bat Boy at MAC last year.

“I’ve had so much fun doing community theatre […],” she says. “I’ve met so many amazing people because of it, and I’m so thankful for that. I’m a relatively shy person, and doing community theatre has really helped me come out of my shell and feel much more comfortable being on stage or even talking to people in general. I’ve only been doing it for a few months, but I would definitely recommend […] everyone to give it a shot!

If you’d like to see Greta and Hannah in All My Sons, you can now purchase tickets in the MAC bookstore or buy tickets at the door on February 15, 16, and 17, at 7:00 pm in the MAC Theatre.