Go See Europe in 2019!


Abby Fitzgerald, Staff

Imagine being able to stand in front of the house that used to belong to none other than Mozart himself or being able to hike up a mountain in Germany to a Third-Reich era building used as Hitler’s hideaway during WWII.

Mr. Noble is taking a group of students on a trip to Europe in the summer of 2019. Anyone is welcome to come, and there are meetings held in Mr. Noble’s classroom regularly to discuss the trip. Matters such as destinations, historical sites to be seen, prices, and more are to be discussed at some of these meetings.

In an email written to students from Mr. Noble, it is stated that “we have a confirmed trip we are currently building and pricing for next week’s meeting. Our trip will be: Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. This will be an incredible trip, and I hope that it’s one you are able to take with us!”

There will be many sights to see during this trip, and for many it may even be a once in a lifetime opportunity. As the group travels to Switzerland, some of the stops are  Lake Lucerne in the city of Lucerne: a big, beautiful lake amongst a dramatic landscape and the Alps mountains.

Sights to see in Germany are plentiful too. The trip there will include the Neuschwanstein castle: the castle which inspired the Disney castle. There will also be a trip to the city of Munich. There will be destinations such as the Dachau concentration camp from WWII and Kehlsteinhaus (The Eagle’s Hideaway), also known as the hiding place of Hitler during WWII.

Last but certainly not least, there is the beautiful landscape of Austria. A visit to Salzburg, Austria, the setting of The Sound of Music, and the home of Mozart will be included. Furthermore, students will visit  several art museums, restaurants, and other fascinating places.

If you are interested in going on this trip or learning more about it, you can contact Mr. Noble through email at [email protected] or go to one of the meetings held for this event to learn more about it and plan for it.