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Chance Inman plays the trumpet

Mikayla Watkins, Editor

Central High School is booming with students from various backgrounds. Many find their place in sports, a few in the theatre, others in clubs, but some find their place in music. Chance Inman is one of these students. He is one of the many accomplished senior musicians in band.

“I play the trumpet, and I have been playing it for about seven years,” says Chance.

For the past two years, Chance has been a member of the MAAA all-conference honors band. Membership in this conference is based on recommendations for the band student made by each participating school’s band director. Chance also qualified for the state solos and ensembles contest his freshman year and junior year after receiving a 1 rating at the district contest.

“I’m not sure if you would count them, but I also won awards within our band. I have won the Outstanding Musician award, Rebel of the Year award, and the 110% award,” says Chance. “If you wanna go [way] back, I [also] won the outstanding freshman award […].

Chance plans to continue participating in band while in college.

“I will be in Marching Mizzou,” he says. “I should get some scholarship money to at least cover the [tuition] of [the band class]. I recently tried out for scholarships, so I will know more in March.”

Chance’s experience in band has inspired him to center his future around music. “[Music] has impacted my life in a very big manner because it has [potentially] led me to [a] career of being a band director.”

As far as music, several people have inspired Chance, but the person who has pushed him the most is band director Mr. Glore. “He has always expected nothing but my best at all times and [is] always trying to get more out of me than what I think is possible, and he normally succeeds.”

Chance is already an accomplished musician here at CHS, and he will only further his successful music career at Mizzou. The senior has shown by his accomplishments that passion mixed with hard work creates success.

“Music means the world to me. It has allowed me to find a place where I can just let go and be myself.”