FBLA Students Advance to State Competition

Emily French, Staff

Last week, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) students went to their District Leadership Conference to compete in numerous events. Four Central students took top places in the categories offered.

According to the FBLA webpage, “Missouri FBLA-PBL prides itself on its competitive event programs. Each competitive event is cross-walked to National Business Education Association standards and fits into the major career clusters of business education.  Students have the opportunity to compete at multiple levels of competition for scholarships and national honors.”

Missouri FBLA has more than 17,000 members in fifty chapters all over the state. Participants are able to advance to district, state, and national competition. FBLA prepares individuals for positions in the business world. This organization also does fundraisers for education for youth, such as reading skills, and economic growth.

Each category holds different requirements, such as a business exam, or project.

Freshman Mike Weinhold took 4th place in district competition for the Intro to Business category.

It felt amazing and it was really surprising,” Mike says.

Hannah Ashley took 4th place in the Intro to Business Communications event.

Mikayla Watkins took 4th place in Business Communications. She had to do an objective test over different types of communication, communication concepts, and other topics that relate to communicating effectively in the business setting.

Stephanie DeClue and Hannah Ashley took 1st place in Publication Design. This event required them to work together to provide visual aids and samples related to their design of print publications. They were allowed to use different video techniques to capture the judge’s attention and different software programs to layout their design. The publication portfolio with which they were tasked was for a new “fresh food” that they could sell and deliver to their customers’ doorsteps. They had to name their business, create a business logo, card, and other products.

Central was in one of twenty different districts competing just last week. We competed against surrounding counties and towns such as Farmington, Fredericktown, Hillsboro, Lesterville, Viburnum, and many others.

Weinhold, Watkins, DeClue, and Ashley will all advance to State competition in April.