Artist Spotlight


Mikayla Watkins, Editor

There are many students at Central High School, all with different talents and hobbies. Because high school is the time to explore interests, students often find themselves finding new and creative ways to use their talents. Kerston Furry is a senior who uses her artistic skills in her free time to create masterpieces and to express herself.

“Drawing is something that I have always done, but my drawings didn’t realistically come to life until I started high school,” says Kerston. “Mr. Henson really pushed my artistic ability and changed my average drawings into pieces that looked incredibly real.”

Kerston took art class her freshman year through her junior year. Last spring, she placed third in the 11th–12th grade black and white drawing division in the Mineral Area Council on the Arts K-12 Art Show.

“Art has always held a large impact on my life. I love being able to express myself through my creativity,” she says.

Kerston does not plan to pursue a career in art, but she says that her artistic ability is something she will always have close by her side.


(Below are some of Kerston’s pieces.)