Artist Spotlight


Mikayla Watkins, Editor

“To me, other people’s art means finding the hidden meaning, however, your own art is putting the message there yourself,” says junior Yancy McCarron.

Yancy is one of the many students at Central High School who have found their place doing what they love. Yancy’s place is art.

“I’ve been doing art most of my life, but I didn’t take an art class until eighth grade,” she says. “I’m better at drawing, but recently I’ve been trying a lot of different materials and mediums, and I’ve come to love oil painting.”

Over the years, Yancy has won many awards for her artwork. In fifth grade, she placed third in the photography category in the Mineral Area Council on the Arts K-12 Art Show. In ninth grade, she placed first in the printmaking category, and during her sophomore year, she placed first in the black and white drawing category.

“Various artists throughout history (probably Van Gogh and Monet the most), some artists I find online, and, of course, Mr. Henson, who has basically taught me everything I know, [have inspired me in my art career],” says Yancy.

Yancy also plans to continue art in college. “I enjoy making art – it’s one of my favorite things to do. My hope is to get an art scholarship of some kind or to take a lot of art classes,” she says.

“Art has really impacted my life. [Art classes have] taught me dedication and how you kinda have to push through even if you don’t exactly want to or think you can. It helps me express myself and show my talent.”


[Below are some of Yancy’s pieces]