Getting to Know Mrs. Murray


Jenna Ashley, Staff

2017 was an amazing year, but along with a new school year, has come new staff. Ms. Murray, our new counselor is 2003 graduate from CHS. She grew up in Park Hills and attended Central Schools from kindergarten to graduation.

Ms. Murray worked at Central Elementary for 11 years. She taught 4th grade for seven years, and then worked as the elementary counselor for four years. This is her first year to be a high school counselor.

The colleges Ms. Murray attended include MAC  for two years, Missouri Baptist for four years, and CMU for two years. She earned her Associates of Arts at MAC, Bachelors in Elementary Education at CMU, and a Master’s of Arts in School Counseling with a Psych Examination Certificate from Missouri Baptist.

In the 15 years since Ms. Murray was at CHS, she says the biggest change at the high school is dual credit. There are many more opportunities to get college credit. Also, many teachers have come and gone.

If she could be anyone in the world, she would choose to be herself, because she loves herself and her life and wouldn’t want to change anything. She says that her faith and Debbie Bradley inspire her as a person.

In Ms. Murray’s  opinion, the most important characteristic of a counselor is to be non- judgemental and always be open minded.