Sweet, Sweet Homecoming

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Sweet, Sweet Homecoming

Hannah Sansoucie, Assistant Editor

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Homecoming of 2018 was pretty “sweet.” With cars decorated as candy, ice cream, gum, and cake, there was a huge explosion of colors in the homecoming parade. Even though the parade and cars were pretty great, let’s go back to the beginning of where the fun all started.

September 10th started Spirit Week. The week started with Pajama Day. Everyone dressed in their favorite pajamas and made their hair as bad as they could. Although, Pajama Day is most students’ favorite day of the week, Hick/Hip day would be closely tied. On this day many students and teachers dressed up like they were going hunting or to a frat party. Even though Tuesdays’ spirit day was fun, the spirit day that was really unique was Wednesday’s. On this day students wore white shirts and had people sign them. They were known as a “walking yearbook.” Even though that day was a serious spirit day, Thursday made it back to being funny. Students and teachers dressed as tacky tourist and wore things backwards. I don’t know about you but it’s pretty fun seeing what students and teachers dress like on this day. To top it off, Friday was red, white, and blue day. On this day students supported and celebrated their school and football team.

All of spirit week was fun but the day that made Homecoming the best was Friday. On this day the students began their day with the annual class scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt consisted of shoes, band-aids, flags, jolly ranchers, and other out-of-the-ordinary objects. Even though every class tried their best to win, the Junior class was on top of it and won with over 80 points. After the the scavenger hunt, one student from every class was chosen to compete in the donut eating competition. This is probably the nastiest thing to watch on homecoming but it’s extremely fun to cheer on your class’s competitor. Although the race was close, Syanne Partridge took Amber Mitchell’s winning streak by beating the contestants with 13 donuts in five minutes. Congrats to Syanne for the win, and good job to the other competitors: Brandon Viera for juniors, Lane Hulsey for sophomores, and Amber Mitchell for seniors.

Following the eating contest, students went against teachers in a tug-of-war competition and a football relay race. The senior girls won against the teachers in the girls’ relay, the junior boys won against the teachers in the boys’ relay, and the teachers won the tug-of-war competition. Next came the time students celebrated homecoming with preparing BBQ for three judges. Lydia Weiss won the contest with her juicy cheeseburgers.

Aside from all of the morning fun, the homecoming parade was the highlight of the day for most people. Classes, candidates, and people from the community all came together and made the best cars/floats that they could. Although all of the classes in our school did a good job with their floats, the freshmen won the contest with their float theme, “Skittles.” Juniors won second place, sophomores won third place, and seniors won last place. Even though the class floats were all really good, the star of the show was Ava Eden’s car, Cotton Candy. Although she won the contest, Mackenzie Chapman and Kennedy Huff were right behind her with second and third place.

Finally, the game was here and the players were ready to take down the Titans. They ended up winning the game 50 to 20. Although, the game is important, homecoming coronation was the most important part of the night to many in the crowd. All of the candidates dressed up in their formal dresses and made their best out of the coronation. Even though all of the girls looked stunning, Callie Thurston won the title of Homecoming Queen. Following behind her was Maddie Manion as first runner up, Kimmy Wallen as second runner up, Kennedy Huff as third runner up, and Jade Brewer as fourth runner up. And there’s not a queen without a king. Evan Sidebottom was voted Homecoming King. Congratulations to everyone that won.

According to Homecoming Queen, Callie Thurston, “It was an exciting and almost breathtaking moment. I was very honored and appreciative of being crowned because I got voted on by the whole school and then by the football team. It was such an exciting moment and so much fun!”

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