Focus On Freshmen

Taylor Lawson, Staff


Ari Cole

When Ari was in Middle School, people told her that high school would be hard, but so far she said it has been easy. Ari is involved in Art Club and loves anything to do with art. If she were to be famous for anything it would be the digital art she does. When she goes to college she wants to study birds so she said she would like to become a Vet or Zoologist.  Ari has no desire to go back to middle school.  She said she would stay in high school because it’s much better. You get more freedom to do things and middle school was kind of restricted.  

Evan Proffer

Evan wasn’t really worried about high school. He plays football, he’s also in Pep Club, and SOS. He will not be going to college because he thinks it’s a waste of money. He plans to work with his dad at Proffer’s Produce. If he were to be famous for one thing it would be for becoming a football player, but teams usually pick people who have gone to college so that’s why he won’t do it. He would rather be in middle school than high school because he slept a lot and was “The King” of middle school.

Shane Jones

Shane likes to do his own thing on his own time. His sister warned him about high school, but never really told him any scary stories about it. He  doesn’t think he needs college…he can just teach himself. He would rather be in high school because he has made a lot of female enemies in the middle school. His most embarrassing story took place in the cafeteria during lunch. The girl that he liked knew he liked her and they sat together at lunch. He wrote her a love letter and he gave it to his other female friend who gave it to the girl he liked at lunch. “The amount of red my face got was more red than the cafeteria chairs because both female friends read it and Reilly,” said Shane.

Taylor Marler

Taylor is in Publications/FBLA and FCA. She is also a Rebel Rouser and in spring she plays softball. If she could be famous for something she said she would be famous for softball or singing. She wants to study science and then go on to become a chiropractor or a radiologist, the type that does ultrasounds on pregnant women. Taylor would rather stay in high school than go back to middle school she said because middle school was torture.

Madison Lewis

Madison never heard anything bad about high school from anyone…only good things. Her most embarrassing moment is when she called a kid in her class Honey, that’s was really the only thing embarrassing school thing and she said she didn’t really learn anything from it. Madison wants to go to school for psychology. She would also stay in high school because she said, “you get more freedom.”