Hannah Sansoucie, Assistant Editor

If you are having a hard time with your school work, imagine having school work for two different countries at the same time. Foreign exchange student Dilnaz Nauryzbayeva has only been in an American school for three months and has had the most homework she has ever had.

Dilnaz has been doing her work from her American classes during the day and her work from Kazakhstan at night. Although she is a very busy 15 year old, she has found the time to take on cheerleading, too. Dilnaz says that cheerleading has been the best part about school here in America. Not only is she excited to be on the cheer squad but she can’t wait until the time she gets to have her first and only ever prom.

Even though her school work has been very hard to balance with the rest of her life, Dilnaz says that the absolute hardest thing about coming to America was the language we speak here…not necessarily English, but how much slang we use. Other than the language here being different, she says that school is very different than  in Kazakhstan. In her home country she has different classes everyday and they aren’t allowed to choose any classes for themselves. She says that a good thing about the American school system is that students get to make their own decisions.

Although, her main focus when coming to America is school, she has enjoyed many things while she has been here. She thinks that people are friendly here. Although she thinks nice things about Americans, she hates chili and doesn’t like it when people let their dogs lay on their beds. Dilnaz can’t wait to experience many other things with her American family.