Centrals Own ‘Forged in Fire’ Champ


Eli Yount, Staff

Central R-III’s own John Wigger was recently a winner on the History Channel’s Forged in Fire, and won $10,000. Each episode of Forged in Fire shows four bladesmiths competing in a three-round elimination contest to forge weapons.

John got interested in blacksmithing when he first got an anvil and was inspired by his friend Joe Nipper. John loves that he can show his creative side in his blacksmith work. John and Joe Nipper started Hawthorne Forge together because of their passion for forging metals.

The episode of Forged in Fire that John Wigger was on aired on Wednesday, November 21. John says his experience on Forged in Fire was the most mental, craziest  physically, and best time of his life.

I learned that I can do more than what I can in my mind, that God works in ways that you don’t understand, and that the power of prayer is real,” said John.

According to John the most challenging part of Forged in Fire was physically the first round, the extreme heat, and what we had to do. He also said the most difficult part of blacksmithing is getting everything perfect without getting scratches or flaws.

The most difficult thing that John has made was a Damascus sword. A Damascus is a different type of steel that is harder to weil, and work with than normal steel.

John is using the money he won to pay off his business.