TOP Club, New at CHS

Makayla Wilson, Staff

CHS has added a new club this year. TOP Club is supervised by Mrs. Husky and Mr. McMillian.

“TOP Club is a Club where we have lessons about everyday life and situations you may encounter as a teenager,” stated Mrs. Huskey.  TOP Club has been meeting since September 12th. CMS has had this club for the past two years and they wanted to start a high school program as well.  TOP Club is funded by the State of Missouri Health Department.

Mr. McMillian and Mrs. Husky had to go to a three-day training in Jefferson City this summer to be able to supervise this club. This club is an invitation-only club for students who meet certain criteria.

In this club we fill out surveys, do volunteer work, discuss things about the club, and most importantly, have fun! The club is about talking to others and developing better social skills as well as develop skills to help those who are feeling down,” quotes Cassandra Perry.

They think about their values, explore their own growth and how they develop, and understand the importance of making goals for their future.  As James Dean says, “The students in this club have actually come up with a name to replace TOP. It is now referred to them as ROC Club. Meaning R-Rebel, O-Outreach, C-Club.