Foreign Exchange Thanksgiving

Hannah Sansoucie, Assistant Editor

Thanksgiving is a holiday that every family enjoys together. It is the time of year where everyone gets with their family and stuffs their belly with all of the food that they can eat. Although we are very used to all of the Thanksgiving traditions in our own families, some of the foreign exchange students got to celebrate their first actual Thanksgiving with their American families.

Two of the foreign exchange students (Dilnaz and Denis) said that they had a wonderful first Thanksgiving. Some of their favorite highlights of Thanksgiving were spending time with family and preparing the food. They ate all of the traditional Thanksgiving food, and were excited to eat it because it was their first actual holiday here in America.

After Dilnaz and Denis ate dinner with their families, they both went shopping and had the ultimate American experience. Dilnaz said, “It was so crazy and everyone was so aggressive!” She also says that she hopes that when she goes back to Kazakhstan she can take some of the traditions from here and celebrate them with her family there.  

Both girls had a good Thanksgiving with their separate families and they can’t wait until they get to spend Christmas with them.