Sarah Kotelnicki Foreign Exchange


Allison Rickus, Staff

Leaving home for a few days without your parents can be tough. Imagine leaving your home in Germany for a whole year when your home is thousands of miles away. That is exactly what Sarah Kotelnicki did.

People came to her school about two years ago to talk about the possibility of becoming a foreign exchange student. She talked to her parents and they loved the idea. They started saving money and two years later Sarah traveled to America, leaving her friends and family behind for a whole year. She still keeps in touch with her family and friends by text and social media platforms. Sarah wanted to come to America because she finds it interesting. She has always wanted to learn English.

Coming to America took a lot of work. Sarah had to take multiple English classes, to learn, speak, and write. Writing, in her opinion, was the hardest part, however, there were many fun adventures.

Sarah’s favorite places in America are Six flags and Lix Frozen Custard. She has also tried an escape room, and on her first day in America she got lost in New York. She says it wasn’t serious, but it sure was scary for a first timer.

When she got in Park Hills, she really liked it. She made a new best friend, Calista Strange, along with many other friends. Her home school is a lot different then it is here. The grades and the school days are completely different. However, her biggest shock was how involved the teachers are here, which was a pleasant surprise.

Since Germany is so far away, one of the many struggles can be keeping in touch. However Sarah uses Snapchat, texting, and calling just like we would if we were away from home. The fact that Germany has a seven-hours time difference and being away for so long can be tricky, but can be handled with the right preparation and education.