Mr. Daniels

Makayla Wilson, Staff

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When did you graduate from CHS?


Are any of your high school teachers still here?

  “Most of them”

Do you remember what your favorite class was?  

“Literature in Film – Taught by Greg Noble (A class that I teach now)”

What was it like coming back here to work after graduating high school?

 “It was always my dream as a teacher to come back to Central and work for the best district in the state. It has been amazing all year working with a great staff, administration, and the best students in the county. It is odd passing my old teachers in the hall and hearing them call me Mr. Daniels, but I feel like I have fit in since the very first day. I would not have it any other way and I hope to be with the school district for a very long time.”

Do you like being a part of the staff or a student better?

 “I like being a part of the staff better for several reasons, including being able to work with a multitude of students, working with a multitude of other staff members, and getting a paycheck!”

Who or what influenced you to teach (if you’re a teacher)?

“My mother is also a teacher, which had a lot of influence on my decision. A conversation I had with Greg Noble also influenced my decision quite a bit. This occurred my junior year of high school.”

What are some things that are different at CHS now from when you were a high school student here?

 “My senior year of high school is the first year we had Chromebooks, but the reliance on the technology is a huge difference that I see. Much of the staff is the same, but being a part of it, I see how much work and effort the teachers put in to make sure the learning for the students is the most effective possible, which I took for granted.”

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