Help in Healing

Cadence Wright

The death of a staff member is undoubtedly hard to swallow for everyone at Central High School, but there are things and resources to make it easier to go through the grieving process that are absolutely free. Bryson Funeral Home’s website has a Grief and Healing section. Grief support can be found with interactive aftercare videos made by a doctor, embedded resources and email affirmations everyday.  Not only dealing with grief is important but so is knowing about it and its stages. 

The first stage of grief is denial which means are mind protects us from not being overwhelmed with pain and anxiety over a loss of a loved one. It’s a way that our brain tries to protect us from distress or emotional pain, that mentally we just can’t adjust to all at one time, it’s a natural coping mechanism. Stage two of grief is anger which is used to mask your emotions. You may feel angry at the person who died, co-workers and family or even take your anger out on objects. 

The third stage is bargaining. The “what if” or “if only” scenarios. This mostly likely means that you wanted to control the outcome of the tragedy. It’s a defense to fend off painful  and confusing emotions. During the 4th stage you may feel depressed or upset when you start to acknowledge what happened which leads to the fifth final stage of grief Acceptance. You’re not over it completely but you understand what your life consists of now. You may feel different and that’s entirely expected. There will still be good and bad days but that’s okay. 

These resources may help:

Youtuber Caitilin Doughtry AKA Ask a  Mortician