Get Pumped for Fall Sports

Get Pumped for Fall Sports

Seth Dooley and Michael Tucker

The crowd got to their feet as the Central Rebels Marching Band began playing “Dixie.” The crowd cheered as the school song rang through the air, excitement was on the minds of everyone, as they celebrated the Fall Sports Pep Rally.

If you had passed the football field at 6:45 p.m. on Thursday, August 6th, you would have seen the parking lot filled with excited students and adults making their way to the bleachers. At 7:00 p.m. the band marched onto the track to get the event started. Spectators from all over the Parkland Area headed to the high school to celebrate the beginning of the fall sports season.

After the band played “Dixie” and “Rebel Rouser,” the volleyball players came out onto the track to be introduced to the crowd. The Pommies dashed to their positions to perform for the crowd. After some minor technical difficulties, their song proceeded as planned. The cheerleaders soon replaced them on the field, as introductions were in order, directly after that they performed a series of cheers that had the crowd on their feet the whole time.

As the freshman football team took a stroll to the front of the bleachers, the crowd enthusiastically welcomed them into their first season here at Central High. Then, the varsity team took the spotlight from the younger students, as the three grade levels took up most of the track area. The crowd was more than happy to welcome them, for some, their last season here at Central High. To prove that the football players are still human, they Pommies got together with them and put on a little dance to raise the spirits even further for the next introductions.

As the softball team slowly made their way onto the track, the confidence the girls showed was fitting. They had just returned from a winning game. Then the cheerleaders took the stage one last time, to send everyone on his or her way with one last cheer.

As the crowd left, students and parents were excited about the season to come, pledging to everyone around that they would see them at games to cheer our teams on. The pep rally was a success in showing St. Francois County’s support to Central’s sports teams.