2016 Central Rebels Football

Jake Barton

It’s a new school year! Last year’s Seniors have graduated and a new class of Freshmen have come in. This is especially important to Central Rebel football. Coach Kory Schweiss is always up to the task at hand and has coached the Rebels to four consecutive winning seasons, and five out of the last six District Championships. In previous years the Rebels have lost a lot of good talent, just like any other Football program out there, but there is a new blood on the rising for our team! The team now has an exciting Quarterback by the name of Jace Bland and a power duo at Running Back in Tyreece Welch and Triston Campbell. Last year Jace and Triston played Tight End but were converted to their respective positions due to their versatility and knowledge of how the offensive system works.


I asked Coach Schweiss what the goal was heading into this season and he said that he wanted to see the team step up in leadership. He feels that goal has been accomplished as the team now does, “More things better as a team, and we are not relying on a couple of individuals to carry the load.  I think we are getting help from a lot of people.” There is great diversity in multiple players like Tyreece and Triston that allow the team to be pretty creative and coach says that the team is handling that pressure just fine! In fact, Coach says that the team doesn’t really feel any pressure as he said, “We never mention last year or any year as far as that goes.  Every year is its own year, and we just treat it that way.” The formula is clearly working considering our past six seasons.


Another key to the team this season is being battle-tested! Coach said that the team has, “Battled through adversity,” and that is one of the things that makes this team stronger than past teams. I asked coach about a few of the upcoming games on the schedule and he said that one game he is looking forward to is Sikeston. While coach doesn’t want to look to far ahead of himself and prefers to take it one game at a time, he says that Sikeston will for sure be an interesting game this year and that he looks forward to playing them! The biggest game on our regular season schedule is obviously our rival, St. Gen whom we defeated in the District Championship game last year by a score of 35-28. I asked coach about the St. Gen game as they are our biggest rival and he said, “I think that Ste. Gen will always demand our respect.  Because of the beatings that we took from them for years, Central needs to never take them lightly.”
Overall there is no better time to be a Central Rebel than right now. We have formed a proud football tradition and we look to continue that through the years. The Rebels are ready to take that next step and have the confidence level to propel further into the post-season. All we can do as fans is stand aside and watch, but it will be a fun time to do so with this group of players.