Central Rebels Win 5th Straight District Title


Jake Barton

fbbbbbbfffffbbbbbbbbTradition. That is one word that Central Rebel head Football Coach Kory Schweiss has constantly repeated since he took over as coach in 2004. Well, Central fans, that tradition has been going for about SEVEN years now. The Rebels have won six out of the last seven District Titles and last Friday marked our fifth consecutive! The Rebel football team fearlessly defeated our biggest rival, the St. Genevieve Dragons by a score of 42-14! The Rebels will advance to take on the Miller Career Academy this Saturday in the State Quarter-Final at 1:00 P.M. I talked to Coach Schweiss and a few of the other football players and I will leave you with their quotes!


Coach Schweiss: “I’m really proud of the young men that put in the time to making our football program a success.  They deserve the feeling they get when success comes because of the dedication and commitment that it takes to be successful in the game of football.  I’m also happy for the assistant coaches.  It really makes you feel like the time spent was worth it when everyone seems happy about the outcome.  That’s what District Championships do for a program.  A championship is the proof that the work and commitment was worth it ….. I feel like we have a quality opponent in Miller.  Anytime that you go from 64 teams in the state to 8, there will not be an easy opponent.  With that said, I feel like our matchup is favorable.  I feel like if we play Rebel Football like we did in the District Championship, then we can advance to the Final Four.  We have to play well.  I think the two main things on this game will be:   Offensively:  Hang on to the ball (win the turnover battle) Defensively: Tackle well …. Go Rebels.”

Garrett Winkler: “Great! Unbelievable! Excited to be a part of this one!”

Holden Mayberry: “Pretty cool to be a part of!”

Tyce Huck: “It’s an honor to be apart of a tradition that has been going for many years now!”

Triston Campbell: “It was exhilarating coming off of a hurt ankle to win a District Title!”

Jace Bland: “Shout out to my linemen!”

It’s a great day to be a Central Rebel!!!