Getting to Know Your Nurse


Lauren Akers, Staff

The 2018-19 school year has brought a lot of changes to CHS. We have new cafeteria ladies, a new principal, counselor, and a new nurse. Nurse Brown graduated from Farmington High School and then attended MAC for three trimesters. This school year will be her 21st year of being a school nurse.

Nurse Brown worked at West Elementary for 20 years and thought that it would be a refreshing change to come to the high school. She says that the easiest thing about being a high school nurse now is how easy it is to talk to the students. She also likes the fact that she doesn’t have to see us as much as she did with the elementary children.

When she first started out in the nursing community she didn’t want to be a school nurse, but then she saw the opening at the elementary and decided that she liked it a lot. She said that being a school nurse is nothing like working in a doctor’s office. She thinks that you should have good people skills and a lot of patience to be a successful school nurse. She also believes that you should be ready to be in the public a lot.

When Nurse Brown was in high school, she worked in the Farmington High School’s office during the summer, then she began working at the state hospital’s kitchen. She didn’t always know what she wanted to be, but then her sister kept talking about nursing and Nurse Brown thought that it sounded appealing, so she applied and made it. Thanks to her sister we have a wonderful school nurse.