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For a while now, there has been a consistent question buzzing around CHS. ¨What is GSA?¨ It is about time that this question is finally answered for all who are asking.

“My mission for this club is to provide a place where students could be themselves without fear of judgement,” said club sponsor Cody Christopher.

GSA, also known as Gay-Straight Alliance, is a group that has pushed to become an official club for approximately a year now. A quiet student, Hannah Ashley, has pushed and pushed and finally won! Hannah can answer any questions that you still have after reading this. Just like any official club at CHS, there has to be a teacher or staff member sponsor. The sponsor for GSA is Mr. Cody Christopher, who teaches freshmen Applied Science and sophomores Biology. Read on for two point of view on the new club. 

The first one is a student named Austin Timbs, he is a straight ally from inside the club. Austin feels that the GSA is an amazing idea, which he first heard from Hannah.

¨Gay, straight, you know, it doesn’t matter, you’re still a person.  You should be equal no matter what your sexuality,¨ stated Timbs.

Austin joined the club to support Hannah and other kids in the club. Even though he is a heterosexual, he believes that the LGBT are still great people that he wants to be friends with and want to support.

He says to all the non-supporters, ¨Look at the bigger picture here, yes they are different in the way of sexuality but they are no different than anyone you walk up to and say hi to. They are the same as anyone else including you.¨

Elliana Hughes, a friend and ally of many in the LGBT community, heard the idea of the GSA Club from a friend. Elliana is fully accepting of all in the community. Elliana, being someone of strong religion, says she would still join the club no matter how much judgement would come towards her.

¨The GSA is cannot only benefit our high school, but can also benefit our community because this is a very small town and we all need to know a little more about it,¨ said Elliana. ¨It’s whatever the person believes.¨

Elliana also inspires many by having a small something that means big things to all the non-supporters in the school. ¨This is how the world is going to be from now on you need to get out and get used to it.¨

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