Local Favorites

Caleb Williford

I think that my favorite local coffee shop/local business would have to be Number Nine Coffee in Leadington. The coffee shop can be lumped into a business as well because they also sell other things than coffee. I think this is my favorite local business because of the location and how the shop is set up. I like the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that you can find there and how it could almost seem like someone’s living room mixed with a coffee shop. The staff that work there are very friendly and it is a great place to hang out or spend some time getting homework finished while also relaxing. I’ve been to plenty of hangouts with friend groups and dates here and I can confidently say that this is the perfect place for such gatherings. 

I think that the coffees and teas and other drinks served at Number Nine’s are desirable from my own experience and can be compared to those of larger restaurant and beverage chains. It’s a great place to have fun, as well. They have plenty of board games to grab and play with a few friends, a piano for anyone that’s willing to show their talent, and other activities to turn your attention towards such as Rubik’s cubes and books for drawing. It is a good place for teens and adults to go, either alone or accompanied by a few friends, to take focus off of the stress of life and just relax while having a good hot or cold drink. I’ve been countless times and I plan on going countless more times while I’m still here before leaving for college, when who knows whether I’ll have nowhere such as this to take some time off and relax.