Local Favorites

Ean Lambert

My favorite local business is our Dix Garden Center over on the border between Leadington and Park Hills. My family does a lot of gardening, and I, in particular, like to grow edible food. I got my first plant that I took care of there. It was a chocolate mint plant which I would pluck a leaf off of every now and then to attempt to make my own mint tea. I don’t believe that I was ever successful in doing this as tea usually requires more than one small leaf to make. Unfortunately, frost hit unexpectedly one morning, and it died.

Now, I have a jalapeno plant that I bought from there. It’s peppers have already sprouted, so now I’m harvesting and saving the seeds for next year. Dix usually doesn’t hit you with a GMO that’s been made sterile, and I like that about them as it means that I get more jalapenos next year. Eventually, I want to have a whole bed of various peppers. A lot of which, I’ll get from Dix. They also supplied the plants for my family’s garden. We have a large flower bed out front, and my mom keeps it stocked with flowers of all sort. Where does she get them? From Dix of course.

My mom has everything from tiger Lillies to mums that she bought from Dix. Their plants are high quality, and in abundance. The only plants my mom has that aren’t from there are our trees, our rose bushes, and her hibiscus. The trees and the roses came with our house, and the hibiscus was a birthday present that I could only find at walmart. Though it holds up well, the hibiscus is not nearly the same quality as Dix’s plants. It is super temperature sensitive, very picky about sunlight, and is a little smaller than expected.

Hibiscus plants are often just fine in partial shade, but this one needs full sunlight for a few hours a day, otherwise it won’t bloom at all. Usually, this only makes the blooms smaller, but ours is a diva. In contrast, our mums, which we leave in complete sun, do not get burnt as one might expect from a mum that has been in full sun on a very hot day. Thus, we can show them off more in our garden, and we only have to worry about watering them occasionally. Dix is a very high quality store.