Social Media and Politics

Abbey Barton

I think social media plays too big of a role in political discussion. Online is where many untrue rumors are spread. Most of the rumors are made up out of hate just because they don’t like a certain person. Most of the time if someone is being bashed on social media then others will always join in on the nonsense. When things are posted on social media some people take it as it’s all true or factual.

I think that more people should try to focus on what the person is standing for and not what other people are saying about them. When citizens see the most hate on someone that they support, they automatically tend to want to change who they are voting for based on an unproven opinion from another. People think that because it was posted on social media that they have to follow that certain idea, which is completely ridiculous. Social media allows people to completely turn and manipulate political discussions in a completely different way from what they were trying to present. On social media it makes it easier to manipulate ideas than what it would be like if they were being discussed in person.

Sure social media allows citizens to hear about political topics faster than reading in the newspaper or hearing it on the news, but it is also easier to spread a wrong message faster also. At the end of the day social media has too big of a role on political issues than what it should have. People should be able to make up their own opinions without having to worry about what someone is going to say on the internet.