Local Favorites

Paige Huitt

My favorite local coffee shop is Rae Cole’s Coffee Bar off of Main Street in downtown Park Hills. I’ve been going there for over a year now and absolutely love this place. All the employees there are very kind and welcoming as well. One of my favorite employees is Cassidy. She is always so nice and sweet and also has remembered my order since the first time I’ve been there.

The environment there is so positive, and the way it’s decorated is so unique to the town. It always displays local artwork from citizens and students from central which is so neat to look at when you go in. I know it’s a great place to study too. My friend, Mika, studies there almost everyday after school.  I usually go the days I don’t have MAC in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday. I also go there on any other day that I get out of class early. Usually when I go, I get Mrs. Petty and I both something. She gets the Petty Wap Bop, and I get a pumpkin pie cold brew with cold foam.

Some days, if I know I’m running late Mrs. Petty will order our coffees and have it ready for me for all I have to do is stop by and pick it up. I always get excited before I go because everytime I order my coffee it is always perfect and yummy. I’ve stopped going anywhere else too. Rae Cole’s has always been my number one choice. On the days I don’t feel like getting coffee, I order a smoothie. The smoothie I get is called Pineapple Paradise, and it tastes just like a Pina Coloda. I’ve also got my mom hooked on it too, she loves their frappes and the food they serve.

Everytime we go out and end up in Main Street we always stop by and grab something on our way out. I definitely suggest Rae Cole’s too all coffee lovers. Even if you don’t like coffee try their smoothies or tea, they definitely don’t disappoint.