Local Favorites

By Sierra Franklin

My favorite local coffee shop would be Rae Cole’s because they have different drinks to choose from and they are the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life and the shop is not that far from where I live at. The reason Rae Cole’s is my favorite coffee shop in Park Hills because on the weekends I and my mom will go to the shop to get a latte, hot chocolate, or whatever they have that sounds good and we choose what we want to drink and pay for it and watch them make it and then once they finish making our drinks we grab our straws and put them in our cups and head out the shop. It doesn’t take long for them to make the drinks because the ingredients are easy to put together for a certain drink people ask for when they walk in throughout the day. Another reason Rae Cole’s is my favorite coffee shop is that they have different foods to choose from like brownies, cake pops, and etc to get with your coffee or drink that you ordered in the morning or afternoon. Rae Cole’s is very convenient and fast because it is not that far for some people and that the waiting isn’t slow like other coffee shops like Starbucks where you have to wait for them to finish making your coffee if you ordered inside or through the drive-thru when heading to work in the morning.

Rae Cole’s prices are cheaper than expensive because no one wants to spend a lot of money on coffee or a certain drink that costs more when you can get it for $2.12 for a  hot coffee or a cold brew drink. Out of all the other coffee shops, Rae Cole’s is the best coffee shop that I’ll go to get a coffee any day and not spend a lot of money on a coffee, latte, or a cold drink from Starbucks that’s far away from my city and not driving a long way to the city to stop at a Starbucks when I can drive a few miles to the nearest coffee shop in my town without taking to much gas out of the gas tank. This is the reason why Rae Cole’s is my favorite coffee shop in the world and that I would continue to get Rae Cole’s until they close down and then I would have to find a new coffee shop to get my coffee, latte’s, cold drinks, brownies, cake pops, and other things that other coffee shops that they have to offer me and to see what they have that I would like.